11 Weeks + Tourney

2021 Summer Volleyball League

Sand Coed 4x4 - 3 Games to 25

April 28th - July 11

Nate Yang


Flourish Beach
4471 Parmalee Gulch Road
Indian Hills, Colorado 80454

Sand Coed 4x4: 285 VB League Session 1

  1. League runs April 28th - July 14th (11 weeks) PLUS tournament on WEDNESDAY, JULY 14TH
  2. IMPORTANT:   April 26th is WEATHER CONTINGENT. If the conditions are not appropriate, we will
  3. delay league start until May 5th

League Info

  •        16 teams in one A/BB division
  •        Two rounds of games - 5:30pm and 6:30pm
  •        Matches are 3 games to 25, with round-robin format (play a new team each week)
  •       Note: You will be guaranteed at least one bye week during the season
  • End of Session TOURNAMENT:
  •      All teams qualify for the End of Session Tournament set for WEDNESDAY, JULY 14TH
  •      Single-elimination bracket with MATCH PLAY
  •      Prizes for top 4 teams
  • Rules:
  •       Block does NOT count as a touch. No open-hand serve receive.
  •       Men's net height - must have AT LEAST 1 female player on the court at all times
  • CAPTAINS: Make sure your email is valid and/or updated to receive all-league information.  
  • Most communication is done through email.
  • Contact
  • Bret Newman
  • League.manager@flourishbeach.org
  • 732.567.0588 (cell)
  • Kat Foreman
  • kat.foreman@eflourish.org
    #833-568-7474 (8-eflourish)
  • www.FlourishBeach.org
  • Facebook: @FlourishBeach
  • Instagram: @FlourishVolley

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